V Knives

V Knives

Custom Handmade Knives.

Throughout history the knife has been an invaluable tool, and therefore has developed many styles to accomplish the varied tasks.  I get inspiration from these, in particular the knives that are used daily, such as utility knives and kitchenware.

The knives I make are in the style of period knives, from Roman through Saxon, Viking and Medieval, to more modern styles.   They are fully functional and will take and hold a keen edge, and many of them would not look out of place in the modern kitchen.

We have a selection of knives for sale, but we are always happy to work to a customer’s designs, to produce their own personal handmade knife.

I love a tool that does the job, and a knife, as a basic tool, is something that most people use daily.  To have your own handmade knife is something special.