The Exiles

Our primary focus is the study and practise of the 600 year old martial works of Master Fiore dei Liberi. The martial system Fiore laid down is very no-nonsense in approach and the Exiles learn the Art with this psychology in mind. We take a holistic and practical approach to the research and the application of Fiore’s system

The system and techniques we practice, based on Fiore’s primary manuscript sources, have been researched by members of our group for 25 years, along with members of many other groups and societies with whom we often work to further our common goal of studying Historical European Martial Arts. Although it is a relatively recent development, this community of like-minded groups is growing rapidly, encompassing members from all areas of combat study and mainstream martial arts from around the world.

The system of Fiore that we train covers the following areas:

  • Unarmed
  • Unarmed v Dagger
  • Dagger v Dagger
  • Dagger v Sword
  • Stick and clubs
  • Sword used one-handed
  • Sword used two-handed
  • Half-sword
  • Staff
  • Armoured combat
  • Pole-Arm
  • Spear
  • Axe


The entire system of Fiore is integrated, for example with unarmed techniques working and applicable within the sword techniques

We research this subject both academically and martially, training it as a martial art with a full curriculum. From this training we participate in competitive events; give presentations; teach at workshops and events and strive to introduce the public to the rich martial heritage of Europe.

As a group we embrace diversity, with students from all walks of life. Our philosophy is that if someone wants to learn this Art then they should be able to regardless of ability, race, gender, age, etc.