Southern Skirmish Association

The Southern Skirmish Association (Soskan) portrays the American Civil War 1861 to 1865 which is considered by many Historians to be the first modern war. It saw the introduction and use of breech loading and repeating rifles , the first true submarine and rifled cannons to name a few.
Military tactics also changed and it became total war involving civilians and destruction of cities. The number of Americans who died in this conflict is greater than the total of all the wars from then until the present day that America has been involved in.
We bring this period back to life showing how the soldiers lived in our living history camps.
A visitor will see soldiers at drill , how they relaxed and how they passed away their free time.
Our civilian camp shows how civilians lived when following the troops helping to give some of the comforts the soldiers have left behind. Our Medical section shows how the wounded were cared for by the Army surgeons and civilian nurses.
We re-enact this conflict to honour and remember the men and women who took part in a war which shaped modern America and the 65,000 from England ,Scotland , Wales and Ireland who fought for the Union and Confederacy. 2018 will be our 50 th year of preserving their memory.