Quartermaster Stores


Since starting out over 10 years ago, the business has evolved into far more than I could have ever hoped for.

To reflect the changes in the business model and to be more inline and accurate to what the business has become.

The business will be changing it’s name to

Quartermaster Stores

 The name change is effective as of now. The transition from old to new branding and public identity will take a little while.

One change at a time. Bank Accounts, Facebook, Web Presence, Stationary etc…

The bank account name has been changed so from this point forward, please make all cheques out to “Quartermaster Stores”

For direct bank transfers, the details remain unchanged.

Paypal payments are now to be sent to “paypal@quartermaster-stores.co.uk

To keep the transition as seamless and easy as possible for you all, we will be taking our time and notifying of each change as it happens.