Living History

Name Era Website Facebook
Prehistoric Bronze Bronze Age Website Facebook
Pario Gallico Iron Age Website Facebook
Steve Wagstaff Roman
Jormungandr Austr Viking
Ian Thackray Blacksmith Anglo Saxon
Ealdfaeder Anglo Saxons Anglo Saxon Website Facebook
Colchester Historical Enactment Society Late Saxon/Early Medieval
Traders, Invaders and Raiders Templar Crusade Website Facebook
The De Caversham Household Mid 14th Century
Paladins of Chivalry Medieval Website Facebook
Two Apothecaries Medieval
The Exiles Early 15th Century Medieval Website
Kensei Ryu (Saturday Only) 15th Century Samurai
Simon Waterfield, Historical Interpretation Historical Stories (Medieval & WW1) Website Facebook
Gallyard Tudor Dancers (Saturday Only) Tudor
History Re-enactment Workshop Tudor & Stuart Website Facebook
Ibbot’s Uniques 16th Century
New France Old England 18th Century Website Facebook
The American Frontier 19th Century
Southern Skirmish Association (SoSkAn) 19th Century Website
Grymm Tooms Travelling Museum Victorian Website
Croix de Guerre WW1
10th Essex WW1
Northamptonshire Regiment – The Great War (Northamptonshire Home Guard) WW1
Fallschirmjager Kampfgruppe WW2 German
Moonlight Raiders WW2 Commandos Website Facebook
PPA Display Section WW2 Website Facebook
The Guards At War 39-45 Battalion HQ WW2 Website Facebook
Take your Mepracine Burma 1944-45