Paladins of Chivalry

The Paladins of Chivalry are a re-enactment society recreating life in the late fourteenth century (1327—1422).

The Paladins of Chivalry can  be hired for events and can demonstrate a wide range of medieval living history, such as music and dance, storytelling, games, sewing and dressmaking, herbalism, dressing a lady, arming a knight, archery, medieval banqueting, knights tournaments and combat displays.

Our encampments, featuring tents furnished with historically accurate furniture and equipment, include a working medieval kitchen, a fletcher, an arms tents and more. As well as displays, we can facilitate audience participation in activities such as dancing, brass rubbing and archery. We are also able to offer small scale talks on costume, armour, herbalism, music and many other aspects of medieval life.

We train on a Tuesday night from 8 – 10pm at Beverley Hall, 89-91 Grant Road, just off Lower Addiscombe Road in Croydon – teaching sword fighting, dancing and exchanging hints, tips and advice.

For more information, please see our Facebook page, website or get in touch via email or twitter