Home Front Defenders

We are a group of living historians who have an avid interest in the era of the 2nd World War Home Front.    We look to accurately portray the roles of the Home Front Defenders who played a vital role in helping to defend this Country against the invading forces.   We interact with visitors at 1940’s events throughout the Country, whether large or small scale events, Museums, National Trust,

English Heritage, or other Heritage venues to show our current displays. We also give educational talks to schools, scouts and other social organisations. 

Our Home Guard Unit will be more than happy to demonstrate period drill, bayonet practice, service respirator drill and lots more.  We are now able to offer arena scenarios using pyrotechnics and firepower displays.  Please email for further information.  We also display Home Guard communications, weaponry, dispatch riding and general Home Guard duties as well as looking at the areas of relaxation with the mobile cinema.

We look at the aspect of the Womens Home Guard Auxiliary, the roles they played with the Home Guard whilst also keeping the home fires burning.  Many women were responsible for child care, housework, essential factory work, and decided to use their spare time to volunteer for Home Guard duties, ARP, St John Nursing, WVS, Land Army, Timber Jills, as well as for Special Duties with the Auxiliary Units and much more.

   We display a HQ office scenario where the women take telephone calls, send out messenger boys, type the official notes and letters and of course, make tea!  We also have the kitchen set up for baking the days meals with the rations available.  Learn how the 1940’s housewife made plenty with very little. The WVS Housewife Service had many roles which were vital to support the population during the war years.  For the children, we have an interactive display of the toys, entertainment and amusement available to the adults and children alike.  Does two tins and a length of string ring any bells!