History Re-enactment Workshop

HRW is a small nationally based interpretation group, covering the Tudor and Stuart periods, specialising in domestic life. What we do best, is to take an historic house and a date favoured by the client; then we create an interpretation of the family, staff and community that might have lived there, portraying a “day in the life of”, in First Person.

As well as First Person interpretation we can also provide “The Scene.” This is where we provide a small period scene, dress it and you, according to your wishes to represent who you are or want to be, and then capturing it with a camera. This can be your own or ours.

This year, to build on our work from last year and to support our event at Audley End, we would like to represent late C17th higher status folk. This way we can demonstrate our qualities in a different era, showing a different facet to the repeat visitors, whilst encouraging those interested to another local-ish event.