The Guards at War 39-45 Battalion HQ

The Guards at War 39-45 Battalion HQ Living history Group started in 2008, as the group was mainly based on 5th Battalion Coldstream Guards the the founders decided to seek official permission to wear the uniform and accoutrements of the 5th Battalion Coldstream Guards. The group was granted written permission by Regimental Head Quarters in February 2009.

We portray a Battalion HQ section with Wireless sets No.18, 19 and 38 sets, Field Telephones, a 10 line field telephone exchange and a host of other period items, the group has an original 1943 Bedford OY 3 ton truck to move all our kit and a 1944 wireless fitted Willis Jeep.

So what do we do at events? We wear WWII British uniforms and webbing, we talk to the public sharing our knowledge of WWII kit and equipment, we demonstrate how the kit would be used, take part in mock battles at events and chill out in the evenings with the rest of the re-enactors at the event.

As far as possible we use authentic WWII equipment, only using high quality replicas when original equipment is not available or too rare to risk damage. We portray the WWII British solider as accurately as possible and have a very high standard of uniform, kit and weapon authenticity.